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 TERA Close Beta Test from 23 March -> 25 March . GET YOUR KEYS HERE !!!!!!

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PostTERA Close Beta Test from 23 March -> 25 March . GET YOUR KEYS HERE !!!!!!

As title says ,act as fast as you can , they ar going down like hot bread .

You can get your own TERA CB Key HERE

P.S. The key will ONLY work on CB4 (March 23th to March 25th)
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TERA Close Beta Test from 23 March -> 25 March . GET YOUR KEYS HERE !!!!!! :: Comments

Woot!! Thanks, Red! I just retrieved 2 keys for Invo and me. Very Happy I guess we might be giving the game a chance. I checked many videos and screenshots and it looks really good.

See ya in-game! Wink
Ok i got one too. Thanks Red.
got one also ^_^
Heh, i tried this in CBT3 EU and kind of got a weird Kingdoms of Amalur vs C9 feel.
It has c9 control structure, a bit better hotkey handling imho, default mouse-look on and alt-to-ui setup, i only got to play it for an hour or so cause client download is 20GB so i was reluctant to leave it sipping while i was at work cause wife plays so i wouldn't lag her RoM :)

What i liked - porn models for girls, motion capture used heavily for pelvis movement Razz

What i disliked - nothing much, got to play it for an hour in the end, have no idea how "action" it becomes later (c9 was superb in mechanic imho, its just the generic story, art style and overall "generic" feel that kind of bothered me).

p.s. Whole race modeled like children (or very petite flat chested girls if you want to be apologetic) with racy underwear is tasteless.
5000 More beta keys for TERA on mmorpg.com .
get some if you didn't get one yet.

Beta 23th March -> 25th March
Hmm, are the 2 clients compatible in any way? Could i possibly just switch a config and get latest patch from US version , i don't feel like downloading another 20GB for a separate client, and besides i wouldn't have another 40gb hdd space to install 2 versions at once Very Happy
So what class ar you guyz and galls going to play ?
I was kindof thinking of playing eighter a Priest or a Mystic cos im usualy a good "support" type player.
Allso i'd like to know if you people will play from the verry beggining of the test so that we can form a party and enjoy the game , which sound cool to me becose the PvP aspect of the game is hard if you solo :-D

If you plan on playing from the start , let me know. IF and only IF my brother can play it on my laptop , i will be playing a Priest ( and probably will still play 1 )

The beta test si going to start according to this CountDown .

My IGN will probably be RedRain .
Let me know your IGN and if you plan on playing from start.

See you ingame :-D

P.S. Here is a info site about tera , which you might finde usefull in chosing your class :P
I will be playing from the beginning, most probably. My IGN will be Devily (if it's not taken already). I don't know what class yet. :P
It's on! I'll go on Dragonfall server (it says it's recommended for me so xDD).
Play on Jagged Coast !!!!! :P
Too late. xD Already created a Castanic Warrior on Dragonfall (IGN: Devily) and I've been playing till now. The game is really awesome. The graphics are amazing! I can't wait to post screenshots tomorrow! Very Happy Too bad the beta lasts only for this week-end. Sad
This weekend We can play TERA EU Beta. Very Happy

Quote :
Opening Times:

The servers for CBT 4 will be available between Friday, the
30th of March 2012, at 3pm until midnight on Sunday, the 1st of April

All times are CEST / GMT +2.


I pre-ordered EU version, will get one spare key i think...
I just got a key for the 30th March to 1st April CBT. If anyone wants it, PM me (whoever PMs first will get it). I won't be able to play during this week-end cause I'll be omw to Germany, to Invo, so I'm gonna give it away. Very Happy
Alright, Shekk got it. :) He was the quickest to PM me. Have fun! ^^
Iam on Velika server.
WarMir wrote:
Iam on Velika server.

Ok, i have 2 characters on some other i think but will start over since last time i haven't played more than 1 hour each, going to spend some quality time watching ma' girl Nooblet wiggle her painfully proportioned booty around some nice fantasy setting :)

couple of hours till server is open but i'll probably log in a little later when the kids are asleep :)
Ok m8. My IGN is Warrie .
1h left till the start of CB Test 5, who else is going to play then?
Iam waiting, ready to go Very Happy
what sevrer?

we're on dragonfall
Uhm Drahgonfall.
Iam getting "Insufficient privileges" error :S
did u get an email saying that you're invited to CB test 5 ? if not you're screwed
Erm if i played in CB test 4 I should get into test 5 automatically OR NOT ? Pff
No, you have to be invited into CB5 seperately trough email with an extra key in it.
What !? PFFF

OK then i go play BF3.
Metro Shotgun POWA !

Ps. HF !

I got the mail, now found it in spam folder.
My IGN : Warrrie (Healer Very Happy)
Can anyone log to EU Tera ? Velika Server. IGN : Warrie
I want make Guild.
Need One.

TERA Close Beta Test from 23 March -> 25 March . GET YOUR KEYS HERE !!!!!!

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